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At Grace, we believe beauty starts from within. We exude confidence when we feel our best and our spa and wellness professionals are here to help you to get there. Our services utilize the highest quality organic products to preserve health and nourish aging or damaged hair from within.  

We pride ourselves in making the condition of our guests hair and overall health the most important above all else. We use only organic color treatments and keratin based lighteners to ensure the hair is never compromised. We educate each guest about at home care to successfully maintain the look they leave the salon with.


Our salon treatments address each individuals scalp and hair needs. We offer exfoliating scalp treatments, deep conditioning repair steam treatments, shine and volume treatments or a cocktail to customize to exactly what will be best for your specific hairtype. 


Our spa providers utilize award winning Eminence Organic Skincare  in their skincare services. Each service is customized to your specific needs while addressing any concerns that you may have such as acne, aging, hyperpigmentation or roseacea. 

Popular additional spa services include full body waxing, keratin lash curl and brow lamination.

Eminence Skin Care

Enjoy total relaxation in our quiet wellness space on the 3rd floor with a massage. Whether you are looking for restorative work or a routine wellness visit our massage therapist will customize her techniques to exceed your personal needs. 

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