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Hair Loss 

This is a subject we sometimes struggle to talk about, hair loss in woman. While we are not doctors, we do see many different factors that can contribute. Illness, hormonal changes, elevated stress, surgery and anesthesia can be the culprit. If we notice a change in your hair density we will always refer you to speak to your health care provider. What we can offer is scalp and hair loss treatments and systems to support a healthy scalp, cell regeneration and new growth. 

If you need a more immediate solution, we offer Laced Hair Extension and                Hair Dreams hair pieces.

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Many often think length when they think of extensions. We  use hand tied extensions to add not only length but fullness and volume for clients with fine or medium density hair. Working with the best luxury brands and a unique beaded row method, we create a custom installation plan, color blend and shaping to reach your personalized hair goals. When cared for properly, extensions can last 9-12 months with refresh appointments every 6-8 weeks in between.  

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The first step to a hair loss solution is healthy hair and scalp. We offer specialized hair loss treatments specific to your needs. 

Made with a revolutionary combination of advanced plant stem cells, pure essential oils and Oway innovative Hair Spa Complex™, our hair loss systems stimulates dermal papillae and strengthens hair follicles to promote thicker, denser hair growth. 

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The MicroLines method integrates a micro-fine, virtually “invisible” hair net into the client’s existing hair. A special Bonding ring, made from a special crystal polymer material, is gently and durably worked into the client’s hair. The MicroLines have high-grade human hair attached to them, which matches the client’s own hair in color and length. This is how natural volume is added to the client’s hair in the crown area. The MicroLines lasts approx. 6-8 months.

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